5 Ways To Protect Your Home Against Water Damage

water damage cleanup menomonie, water damage menomonie, water damage restoration menomonie,One of the more costly unfortunate things that can happen to a home-owner also happens to be one of the most common issues. Water damage will happen to 98% of homes during their lifetimes, and so it’s fairly likely that it will need to consult in professional cleanup services. Luckily, there are ways to proactively protect your home, and ways you can minimize the damages if it does strike unexpectedly. We at TRAC Solutions in Menomonie would like to introduce 5 ways to protect your home against water damage: 

  1. Take care of your windows and doors. Make sure spaces around these surfaces are air tight. There are new window and door options available that are watertight. Older windows should be examined frequently; cracks in the trim should be re-sealed and the glazing compound around the window can be replaced. 
  2. Stay on top of your drainage system. If your gutters are clogged, you’ll probably have standing water that can erode your gutters and cause water damage on your roof. Another common roofing probably is that gutters will be pointing in a way that they don’t fully diverge water away from the home, resulting in a cleanup emergency.
  3. Install a sump-pump, and test it often. This can remove water that accumulates in a sump basin in your basement and can be a solution to basements flooding often. In addition, if you have a basement or other areas that seem to have a hard time drying out fully or are often damp, a dehumidifier can be a great way to remove some of that excess moisture and cleanup the air. 
  4. Replace hoses and other parts of your appliances. Hoses of washing machines will often be the cause of unnecessary water damage because they weren’t replaced, even when they were showing obvious signs of age, bulging, and discoloration. Don’t let that be you! Replace the parts of your appliances that look like they’re passed their prime. 
  5. Check your water pressure. If the pressure is too high, your pipes and hoses may be damaged from the constant pressure. The average home is designed for 40-70 PSI. You can buy a pressure gauge at a local hardware store, and install on an outside faucet. Turning it up all the way should give you an accurate reading on the pressure. If it is above 100 PSI, you can purchase a pressure regulator at a local hardware store as well that can help you keep the pressure down and prevent damaged pipes and leaks. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Menomonie

With a few tweaks to your home and some conscious observation, you can significantly decrease your chances of sustaining water damage. That being said, it can happen to anyone, and, if it happens to you, your first step should be to call a professional. If you live in Western Wisconsin, TRAC Solutions is a great choice. Professionals can help you know exactly what to do right away, and help you cleanup your Menomonie home properly to avoid mold, unfortunate odors, or other damages that result from improper restoration.