Easy Steps To Avoid Fire Damage Restoration 

fire damage restoration eau claire, fire damage eau claire, fire damage repair eau claireWisconsin has finally reached its peak spring weather.  Warm days, cool nights, and stars as far as the eye can see.  And summers here are often temperate and enjoyable as well.  But with warmer weather comes risks as well.  The potential for fire danger here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin is getting higher and higher as we approach summertime.  It’s best to be prepared before it’s too late.  Here are three simple tips to prevent a house fire.

Quit Smoking

Smoking and smoking materials are the cause of 21% of home fire deaths.  That means that over 1/5th of people who have died due to house fires lived in a home with some sort of tobacco product.  Tobacco products that require a flame include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and hookahs.  So if you have any of these products in your home, it’s time you consider how safe your smoking habits really are.  This may sound simple, but it can be anything but easy.  However, it is very important.  Any of these products could be accidentally left lit and burning, and even a single ember can catch onto a flammable material in your home, causing an all-consuming house fire.  Additionally, smoking can cause temporary damage to your skin, eyes, and lungs, as well as long-term damage to your upper respiratory system, leading to lifelong health concerns including asthma, mesothelioma, and lung cancer.  If you suffer from any of these diseases, you will experience exacerbation or flare-up of said diseases if you are caught in a house fire.  For the safety of your house and your health, it might be time to put out that cigarette.  Permanently.

Get a Fire Extinguisher

If your home is not equipped with interior sprinklers, the best investment you could make to protect your house from a fire is a fire extinguisher.  A fire extinguisher is a portable device that discharges a jet of usually water, foam, or gas to extinguish a fire.  It is advisable to have two fire extinguishers, one in the kitchen and one in the garage, as these are the two rooms in the home most likely to experience a fire.  Fire extinguishers are categorized by classes A through D, which clarifies the type and size of fire it would successfully be able to extinguish.  The fire extinguisher you would likely need for your home is known as an “ABC fire extinguisher”, as it extinguishes many of the most common house fires. 

Clean Your Roof

Many people think of house fires as in fact, starting within the house, but there are multiple hazards outside of the home as well.  Debris such as hay, dried grass, twigs or branches, and leaves are all perfect kindling for a fire to start on your roof.  A spark from a barbecue or backyard fire could easily set one of these pieces of dried foliage elite and ignite your roofing on fire.  Because roofs tend to be difficult to access on your own, the damage can be severe before you’re able to tend to the fire.  Even if the initial fire itself is quelled, longer-lasting issues can result from a roof fire that was able to spread.  Fire damage can leave lingering smoke, soot, and an unpleasant odor if not mitigated by a professional cleanup and home restoration company.  Don’t let this happen; be sure to regularly clean your roof and gutter of any waste that may be cluttering the area.

In case you do experience a fire and are unsure how to manage the house immediately afterward, contact your local fire damage restoration company for help and advice.

Fire Damage Restoration In Eau Claire 

TRAC Solutions of Western Wisconsin is a fire damage restoration service company located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Locally-owned and operated, TRAC Solutions specializes in property restoration, disaster cleanup, and carpet and air duct cleaning for residential and commercial properties.  With the satisfaction of their customers as their top priority, TRAC Solutions ensures that your home or business will look just as good, if not better than it did before.  The Eau Claire service company is IICRC, ASD, and NADCA certified, as well as accredited by the BBB.  Our compassionate, knowledgeable, driven, and professional technicians will ensure you save money, enjoy an efficient building process, and experience no delays.  We provide emergency response 24/7, with technicians available to assess the damage immediately.  We offer restoration services such as deodorization, soot removal, painting, and roofing.  Additionally, with our in-depth 5-step fire restoration process, TRAC Solutions will inspect, pack out, clean, and fully restore your home to its original state.