Water Damage Restoration And Fast Drying

water damage restoration eau claire, water damage eau claire, water damage repair eau claireThe key element of effective water damage restoration is speed. This is true of removing the standing water after a flood. It is also true of the remaining moisture left behind by a flood. While this moisture may not be readily apparent, it can be extremely destructive if left unattended. To capture the importance of drying out this moisture as quickly as you can after a flood, here are four benefits of doing so from our water damage restoration experts at TRAC Solutions in the Eau Claire area. 

Reduced Costs

Wet carpet, pad, and drywall can sometimes be completely restored and do not need replacement. This results in lower costs for the loss, and it allows the occupants to return to their normal lives much sooner with far less disruption. Also, modern technology can prevent the costs related to older methods, such as turning back and/or removing carpet; removing, discarding, and replacing the pad; and replacing the new carpet, or relaying the old.

Minimized Mold Growth

Thanks to faster drying, mold and other fungi have less time to develop. This helps alleviate possible health problems, such as respiratory discomfort and allergic reactions, which fungal contamination can cause. In addition, mold can weaken structural materials, such as drywall and wood framing, to the point that they must be replaced. Any and all efforts you make to dry out the moisture in your home after a flood are well worth it considering the damage that mold can cause. 

Saving Your Possessions

The good news about possessions that are damaged by a flood is that you can have them replaced if you have homeowner’s insurance. Still, however, this doesn’t make up for the loss of sentimental possessions and the time and stress that goes into replacing your belongings. Thus, it is worth doing all you can to save your possessions after a flood so you don’t have to deal with these problems in the future. Removing the moisture after a flood is an essential step for doing so. If moisture is allowed to remain in items with any degree of porousness it will eventually ruin them. 

Reduced Health Concerns

There are several significant health concerns that stem from leaving moisture behind after a flood. As mentioned above, one of the most common is mold growth. Inhaling mold spores can lead to numerous health problems over time (although most of them are relatively minor). Floodwater also often contains contamination that can be extremely dangerous when touched or ingested. This contamination will remain in the leftover moisture so the affected areas must have the water removed and then be sanitized. 

Water Damage Restoration In Eau Claire

As you can see, there are many benefits of drying out your home as quickly as possible after a flood. While drying your home out on your own may be a daunting water damage restoration task, we at  TRAC Solutions in Eau Claire are here to help. Give us a call for help if your home ever floods, and we will be right out to help you dry out the water, restore the damage, and get your life back to normal.