Stop Searching “Fire Damage Restoration Services Near Me” – We Are Here! 

fire damage restoration services near me, fire damage restoration companies near me, fire damage restoration near meWhen you think of a fire happening in your home, you likely think of the immediate dangers to yourself and your loved one, such as extreme heat, flames, and smoke inhalation. But what you may not know is that fires inside your home can pose hazards to your and your family’s health long after the initial incident. 

That’s why licensed, professional fire damage restoration services should be contacted immediately after a fire. If you’re wondering “where is a fire damage restoration company near me?” You don’t have to look any further than Trac Solutions. In the Western Wisconsin area, Trac Solutions has the training and experience necessary for high-quality fire damage restoration.

Professional restoration companies assess and restore your home, and make sure that it is safe and habitable. Attempting to repair and restore the damage using any “DIY” methods are just not worth this risk. 

Stop Searching “Fire Damage Restoration Services Near Me” – Call Trac Solutions!

  • Immediately after the fire is put out, a trained restoration professional will go in and first determine if your home has any immediate safety threats, such as gas or electrical hazards; they will ensure these are turned off to prevent any further damages from occurring.
  • They will then determine if your home is structurally safe for the restoration team to work in. If it is not, or if there are areas that are unsafe, the professionals will have to apply temporary braces within your home.
  • They will also board up your home, to prevent further damages from exposure to the elements, or from opportunistic individuals trying to enter your home when left unattended.
  • Once your home is safe from any immediate hazards, the professionals will begin removing and itemizing your personal belongings and determining if they are salvageable or not. It is important to remove items that can be salvaged quickly from the home and restored as soon as possible; smoke and soot can change the chemical composition and erode your items in a short amount of time. 

Once the professionals have cleared the space in your home, they can move into the next phase of the restoration process.

  • All areas inside your home that are restorable will be cleaned.
  • The areas of your home that were extensively damaged will be removed and replaced. Common parts of your home that may need to be replaced are drywall, carpet, and paint. If these items do need to be replaced in your home, you will have the opportunity to select their replacements. Be mindful that most insurance companies will only cover the cost of replacement items that are less than or equal to their original value, if you wish to replace them with more expensive items, you will likely need to cover the cost difference.
  • The professional restoration company’s job is not complete until they have ensured that your home is fully safe to reside in again. They will ensure that your home is structurally sound and that it is free from harmful smoke and soot that can cause or exacerbate existing conditions, such as asthma and other respiratory problems.