Four Classic Blunders In Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration eau claire, water damage eau claire, water damage repair eau claireEven seasoned homeowners in Eau Claire can face challenges with the smallest water damage events in their homes. If you fail to handle even a small water damage mess appropriately, you may find yourself in a tight spot very quickly. To help you appropriately respond to flooding and minimize water damage in your Eau Claire home, below are four classic mistakes the people often make in the water damage restoration process according to our experts at TRAC Solutions.

Water Damage Restoration Eau Claire

Underestimating Hidden Dangers

A flood brings about far more problems than just the water itself. Underestimating the full extent of potential dangers after a flood can be a very hazardous mistake to make. Some of the dangers that occur after a flood are contaminated water, mold growth, and structural damage. Each one of these can cause far more damage to your home than you would expect and put your health at risk. This is especially true of contaminated water. Contaminated water is floodwater that contains harmful bacteria and microorganisms. If there is any chance that flood water in your home is at all contaminated, you should avoid contact with it and leave the cleanup to the pros.


A flood can seem like such a big mess that even knowing where to start can be a challenge. This is where the natural appeal of procrastinating comes into play. Homeowners often make the mistake of failing to respond immediately for a flood, and this often ends up being a costly mistake. Even the difference of a few hours of water being in your home can make or break the difference between you being able to keep or throw away some of your possessions. It can also make or break the difference between a mold problem developing in your home after the flood since the longer flood water remains in your home the more it will seep into your walls and floor. If your home is ever flooded, make sure to take action right away and call a professional cleaning and water damage restoration company for help.

Overlooking The Details

Effective water damage cleanup is all about the details. To ensure that your home will be free of future water and mold problems, it’s critical that all existing pockets of water are found and removed. Since you probably don’t have the time (or desire) to comb through every inch of your home looking for pockets of water, this is an issue best tackled by the water damage restoration pros.

Not Calling the Pros

With the rising popularity of DIY methods, it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to attempt water damage cleanup on their own after a flood. While it may sound appealing at first, doing this is usually a bad idea for a number of reasons. First of all, water damage restoration is a difficult and time-intensive process. Most people who attempt to do it on their own find that they took on a much bigger time commitment than they expected. Second, professional water damage restoration companies have the equipment to properly restore a home while you do not. Without the benefit of water pumps, industrial drying fans, and state-of-the-art restoration technology you will be unable to give your home the service it really deserves.