Protect Your Outdoor Living Oasis From Water Damage Restoration 

water damage restoration eau claire, water damage eau claire, water damage repair eau claireAfter more than a year of staying home, you love your outdoor kitchen. Friends and family love dinner and drinks prepared outdoors under the sun (or stars.) It has allowed you to entertain with social distancing.  

While a simple charcoal grill and a flat space will work, families today enjoy many custom features in an outdoor kitchen. And the sky’s the limit. While general construction averages between $5,000 to $12,000,  you can spend upwards of $1000,000. Unfortunately, water damage can cause you some expensive problems. 

Unfortunately, it’s quite common in kitchens because you spend a lot of time in there washing up and cooking, and you have appliances like dishwashers and washing machines in there as well. But if you follow these simple tips, you can avoid issues with water damage in your kitchen. 

With these types of projects, custom sinks and sturdier materials that can withstand the weather will impress you. For example, stainless steel sinks stand up to corrosion and concrete counters are almost indestructible. Here are some steps to protect your outdoor living spaces:

Clean Up Right Away 

Delaying cleanup  until morning after a party might seem like a reasonable request but it’s best to get all liquids up ASAP.  If you let water sit on the countertop, it may start to seep in and cause damage. If the seals around the edge are weakened, that will cause damage and stains to other materials.

Paint Under The Sink

Sinks are the most likely source of water damage. Most people don’t bother painting under the sink since you never see it. But if you have any leaks from the tap, even a small drip,  over time it can cause a lot of damage. With a simple coat of paint on there, you give it an added layer of protection.  It won’t stop damage from serious leaks, but it will stop wood from rotting if it gets a few drips on it. 

Keep An Eye On Appliances 

Second biggest source of water damage in the kitchen are the dishwasher and fridge; keep an eye on them. Check for any leaks every week. Even if it is just a tiny amount of water, deal with it now. Keep up with general maintenance like emptying the filter on the dishwasher to extend the lifespan.

Conserving Water 

By limiting the amount of water flowing in your outdoor oasis, you limit the opportunity for leaks. Consider using water-saving appliances in your kitchen. Try eco-taps that restrict the water flow and energy-star certified dishwashers.

Lastly, monitor the overall water usage with a leak detector. A few simple sensors linked to an app on your phone can alert you to a problem and save you thousands of dollars of clean up. TRAC Solutions recommends using a system in outdoor kitchens, basements, and mother-in-law suites that aren’t used daily.

Water Damage Restoration in Eau Claire

You love your house- indoors and out. Find a partner that respects and protects your home and family as much as you do. Trac Solutions offers both residential and commercial restoration services for fire, water, and storm damage as well as mold remediation, cleaning services, and basement waterproofing. As a state-licensed contractor, TRAC Solutions provides customers with the most professional and complete answer for any type of structural damage. 

TRAC Solutions is a locally-owned Chippewa Valley company with more than 25 years of experience in Western Wisconsin. This full service general contractor is qualified to handle isolated, small water damage or a complete restoration project.