Eau Claire Fire Damage Restoration Service – Facts You Might Not Know

fire damage restoration services eau claireFire damage is one of the most common and destructive disasters that homeowners deal with. Once a fire damages your home, it will likely require large amounts of time and money to repair the damage. TRAC Solutions in Eau Claire has performed extensive fire damage restoration services for the local community and have some important information for homeowners about fire damage and restoration services

Fire Damage Restoration Services In Eau Claire

Smoke Can Be Just As Dangerous As The Actual Fire

One of the things about fires that surprises people the most is that the flames or heat from the fire aren’t actually the most common cause of death. Instead, smoke inhalation is actually the most common cause of death during fires. This is because a home will quickly fill up with smoke making it so it’s impossible to breathe without inhaling large amounts of smoke that block out the oxygen we should be breathing. Moreover, smoke is extremely hazardous to the lungs so it doesn’t take long before smoke inhalation can cause serious damage or even death. 

The Same Goes For Soot

Just like smoke, soot is another extremely dangerous element of a fire. In fact, it can also be even more dangerous than the fire in some cases. This is because soot is composed of tiny, microscopic particles that severely damage the lungs when inhaled. Soot is especially hazardous because the particles are so small that they can circumvent some types of respiratory protection. In addition, soot also has carcinogenic properties so it has been known to cause cancer in some cases of exposure. 

The Water Used To Extinguish The Fire Can Damage Your Home As Well

The water used to extinguish a fire is a double-edged sword. While it’s necessary to extinguish the flames and put a stop to the damage as soon as possible, the large amounts of water used to put out the fire will cause problems for you in the future. Thus, it’s important that you begin restoring any damage caused by the water at the same time you begin the fire damage restoration process. Mostly, this includes removing the water from your home as soon as possible before it has a chance to lead to mold growth, structural damage, pest infestations, contamination, and other issues commonly associated with water damage. 

Cleanup After A Fire Is Extremely Dangerous

One of the often underestimated facets of fire damage restoration is how dangerous the restoration process can be. The main danger you should be aware of was discussed more in depth earlier — smoke and soot inhalation. The best way to avoid these hazards is to simply stay out of your home after a fire and leave the cleanup to trained professionals in fire damage restoration. In addition, you should also be cautious of structural damage caused by the fire which may leave parts of your home vulnerable to collapsing without warning. 

Fires can interrupt your life and your comfort. Homeowners can find peace of mind and safety with superior fire damage restoration services by experts who care. Trac Solutions in Eau Claire, Wisconsin provides immediate services to help home and business owners recover from fire, smoke and water damage safely.