Home Appliances Most Likely to Cause Water Damage

water damage restoration menomonieAppliance breakdown is one of the most common sources of water damage in a house. The damage that appliances can do to a home or business might occur unexpectedly, and the resulting water damage can be extensive. You should make sure you inspect your appliances for potential leaks regularly. There are some home appliances that you should pay special attention to. Below is a list of household appliances to keep a close eye on and routinely inspect for possible damage or leaks that could cause serious water damage.

Washing Machine

A leak from the washing machine can be a stressful and costly experience. Fixtures, door seals clamps, and water hoses are all areas you should ensure you inspect a washing machine regularly. Examine your water hoses once a month for any wear and tear or cracks that appear to be an issue. To ensure longevity and safety, replace any plastic tubing or rubber with steel coiled water hoses. You should also inspect your floor drain for any dirt or clogs.


Your freezer can cause you water problems in a lot of ways. You will want to make sure that your fridge door closes and seals properly to avoid a buildup of condensation. If condensation does form, it will drain into the freezer’s bottom. If this drain freezes over or becomes clogged, water and ice could build up and cause problems. If your freezer has accumulated a significant amount of ice, make sure you thaw it and clean the drain.


A faulty dishwasher may quickly fill your kitchen with tons of water. Your dishwashing problem is most likely caused by a user error, such as using too much detergent. If it is not due to a user mistake, it could be a broken float switch or a blocked drain. There is a major risk that your dishwasher will start leaking if the hoses and valves are damaged. Furthermore, if not addressed immediately, loose vital plumbing connections are likely to result in a pool of water in your kitchen.

Hot Water Heater

Water heater problems and leaks can often go undetected, especially due to their location in basements or other areas with little foot traffic. Water heater problems are frequently due to a faulty temperature and pressure release valve, a faulty plumbing connection, or a deteriorating water tank. Having a professional test your water heater once every year will help you avoid future problems and might save you a lot of money.

Air Conditioners

Your air conditioning units, which are usually a necessity in many homes, need to be serviced regularly, to avoid leaking water all over the place. Air conditioners cool the air by removing moisture from it. That moisture could leak out if it was not properly drained, or if it was clogged. Make sure your HVAC system is working properly by inspecting it at least once a year to avoid water damage on your premises.

Water Damage Restoration in Menomonie

If you encounter water damage in your home caused by an appliance, TRAC Solutions can help you effectively treat and restore water damage. TRAC Solutions’ crew has the knowledge, skills, and tools to dry and restore any impacted areas. Our team is accessible to assist you anytime. To learn more about water damage restoration in Menomonie, contact TRAC Solutions today.