Keeping Your Family Safe From Mold Damage

mold damage chippewa fallsAlthough people and mold have coexisted for millennia, the effect of mold on our bodies is complicated. Many types of mold are not dangerous; many people are not sensitive to the irritations. In other situations, mold can be toxic and hazardous to vulnerable populations. Signs of old contamination in your home might include:

  • Visible specks, streaks, or stains on the walls, ceilings, or floors.
  • Typical musty smell– like damp forest (or wet cardboard, dirty socks )
  • Indications of elevated humidity in an area with poor ventilation 

If you suspect mold in your home, call the experts at TRAC Solutions to come to investigate and then solve your problem,

Who Is Qualified To Help?

The mold remediation field is largely unregulated; anyone can call themself an expert and identify just about anything as mold. For example, the home inspector that might have discovered it doesn’t necessarily know much about mold remediation. You need a real expert.

When you need professional mold remediation, choose a local team with credentials in mold remediation. Look for a long track record, and check local references. Make sure they are bonded and insured. Such professionals should:

  • Demonstrate completion of industry-approved coursework in mold investigation given by an accredited organization
  • Provide an estimate: written report, lab results of air and surface samples, if taken 
  • Keep your health and safety the top priority
  • Educate you on mold prevention and resurgence 

A mold remediation investigation takes anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the extent of the damage. The treatment time is much harder to predict; it depends on the extent of damage, materials affected, types of mold, etc. 

Do They Need To Sample?

Although you might be curious, in most situations, you don’t need to test it. If you can see mold, sampling is necessary only if you must identify the actual mold species for medical or legal reasons. 

Don’t be tempted to diagnose your mold problems with a home testing kit; they don’t work well. If it does reveal some mold, it won’t be a reliable way to tell if it is just ambient, airborne mold in the air, or the result of a mold infestation. However, sampling can be used successfully to verify success after remediation.  

What The Mold Remediation Professionals Will Do

Mold remediation companies will clean up a small area of mold in a day or two, or up to a couple of weeks if demolition and rebuilding are required. The cleanup process might include removing water-damaged, mold-infested materials. Next, they will clean and disinfect the walls, carpet, and personal items. If water has ruined the walls, they might remove drywall or studs if mold damage is extensive. Throughout the process, they will vacuum with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration. 

TRAC Solutions is prepared to remove mold from your ducts, crawl spaces, walls, and attics or even more widespread structural damage. Encapsulation might be required. Here, the workers spray the area with a type of paint or whitewash that “captures” the remaining mold spores. They will spray beyond the visibly moldy area to control future growth.  

If the mold infestation is severe or if someone in your family is mold-sensitive, you may have to move out to another location during cleanup. 

Does Insurance Cover Mold Remediation?

Your mold problems may, or may not, be covered by your existing homeowner’s policy. Homeowners insurance pays when it is a result of an emergency already covered on your policy, like a burst pipe or water heater tank. If the mold resulted from deferred maintenance, persistent moisture, or seepage. 

Standard policies spell out a list of “covered perils.” Your contract lists covered situations in which you can claim damage. Check with your insurance agent to see if your particular mold problem is covered. Also, confirm what the limits are; your policy may pay for a part of the cost of mold repair and removal. 

As always, consult your insurance agent before contracting for work.   

Help With Mold In Your Chippewa Falls Home 

Indoor mold can be harmful and destructive to both your health and home. Get peace of mind with professional mold remediation from TRAC Solutions. TRAC Solutions is a locally-owned Chippewa Valley company with more than 25 years of experience repairing damage in Western Wisconsin. For immediate help, call the experts in Eau Claire. 

Before the company is due to arrive, take a couple of minutes to clear out access to the remediation zone. Secure the pets in a separate area, make space in the driveway (if possible), and clear wide access from the outside all the way to the mold area. They will park the truck as near as possible to the doorway, lay down plastic sheeting, and run hoses through the house (or crawlspace) to the mold area. Then the TRAC Solutions team will get right to work, making your home safe again.