What To Do During A Flood

eau claire water damage cleanupUnfortunately, flooding is among the costliest natural disasters in Eau Claire county. Because of this, it is essential to know what to do ahead of time to properly make it out with minimal damage. These disasters can come fast so it’s important that everyone in the home also knows what to do in the event of a flood

Eau Claire Water Damage Cleanup

Listen For Instructions

Arguably, the most important thing to do in the event of a disaster is to listen to authorities for instructions. Local safety officers will know what to do and will direct you in the proper manner. Once you receive a flood watch or warning, it is important to start taking the next steps to get through a flood. 

Protect Valuables

After determining that a flood is coming your way, you will need to figure out a way to protect anything that is important to you including your home, valuables, and people in your home. Start by cleaning and sanitizing your bathtubs and sinks in order to fill them with clean water to drink in case of tap water becomes contaminated later on. You can also fill jugs and water bottles. 

Move any valuables to the highest portion of your house to avoid them from getting damaged and bring inside any outdoor furniture or equipment. If waters begin to rise before you evacuate, move yourself and others to the highest elevation possible either on the top floor, attic, or even on the roof. 

Make sure to continuously listen for instructions, as they could ask you to turn off gas, water, or electricity. 

Prepare To Evacuate

Depending on the severity of the flood, officials may instruct you to evacuate the city for safety purposes. Do not evacuate until officials say to do so and leave as soon as they instruct. They will also tell you the safest routes to take. Make sure to dress appropriately, keeping yourself and others warm. When leaving, confirm that everyone is accounted for, including pets. Have a preplanned place to go in the event of a flood, ensuring that if you have pets, they will be able to board with you. Be sure to turn off the water and electricity before you leave as well as lock the door behind you. Do not return until you are told to do so. 

Keep Everyone Safe

Floodwaters can be very hazardous so it is important to avoid them as best as possible. They can consist of chemical waste, raw sewage, and other disease-spreading contaminants. It’s important to remember not to drive, wade, walk, or swim through any floodwaters. Do not go anywhere near electrical lines, as electricity passes through water very easily. 

Prepare For The Aftermath

If a flood occurs in your home, it’s important to know what to do during and after the event. The most crucial part is to ensure that everyone makes it through safely. After that, what do you do? How can you possibly recover? Fortunately, you are not left alone to figure out where to go from there. Professionals at TRAC Solutions are readily available around the clock to help you recover from a devastating event.