Water Damage From A Storm

water damage restoration menomonieBeing well prepared before a calamity is the best approach to tackle it correctly and return your Menomonie home back to normal. Knowing how to react when a storm has caused water damage can prevent more damage from occurring and get you on track for a successful water damage restoration. 

Water Damage Restoration Menomonie

The following is a step-by-step action plan to assist you with how to react to water damage from a storm:

  • First, contact an IICRC-certified water damage restoration team so they can help you through every stage of the restoration process. The majority of water damage restoration businesses collaborate with insurance providers so they can work quickly and safely to restore your home and personal property. Hiring a water damage restoration team will expedite the entire process and mitigate any further damage.
  • Speak with your homeowner’s insurance provider. It is crucial to contact your insurer right away and inform them of the situation whether your policy covers water damage from natural catastrophes or not. It is also advantageous to inform your provider of the water damage restoration company you are hiring to work on your home.
  • Remember, safety first! Check the structural soundness of a storm-flooded home before entering. There can be many hazards lurking in a water-damaged home from electrical threats to harmful contaminated water, even to a weakened structure. If in doubt about whether or not the electrical system has been compromised or the home is safe to enter, wait until a licensed structural builder or engineer has deemed it safe before entering your home. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Turn off all power to the home to avoid any risk of electrical shock and avoid making any contact at all with the water since it is considered contaminated, then wait for trained professionals to arrive. 
  • Be sure to keep a good record of the damage and document it with pictures and videos. You may need to prove loss or damage to get reimbursed for anything from your insurance provider, so the more accurate and thorough your documentation is, the better. 
  • If it is safe to enter the home, take any furniture or stationary objects that can be moved out of the space that sustained the water damage. Items that may be able to be salvaged will need to be removed from the water ASAP. Items damaged beyond repair also need to be removed and thrown out so water damage restoration efforts can begin. You should also try to increase airflow through the areas as much as possible while moving things out by opening doors and windows. This will help to discourage any mold or microbial growth. 
  • Try not to get overwhelmed, which we know is easier said than done. Flooding water damage from storms can make things extremely messy and can leave you feeling stressed and discouraged, but that is why you have a water damage restoration company to help. 

TRAC Solutions can handle your water damage restoration, no matter what the cause, so that you do not have to worry about a thing. Our team of experienced experts knows how to restore a home and how to give the best results.