4 Things You Need To Know About Mold And Mold Removal

mold damage chippewa fallsNo one wants to even think about having mold in their home. Unfortunately, mold is a very common problem for homeowners to have, often without realizing it is there. Mold may seem like one of those problems that you can worry about later, but it should be taken very seriously. Here are four important facts you should know about mold.

1. Mold Affects The Air You Breathe

The biggest reason you should get rid of mold in your home as soon as possible is that it is bad to inhale. If the air around you is being affected by mold, it can make you very sick. People with things like asthma, allergies, respiratory problems, and autoimmune diseases are especially in danger of being affected by mold in their homes. Exposure over a long time can cause a lot of harm to your health, so it is important to get rid of mold immediately if you find it in your home.

2. Mold Forms Fast

Mold is most associated with water damage because moisture is often the cause of mold. When you experience water damage, it can take as little as twenty-four hours for mold to begin to form in the wet areas. Water can seep under floors and behind walls, reaching areas of your home that you may not notice and do not get dry properly due to poor ventilation. Mold spores can then grow and spread, and they can even cause structural damage to your home if they are not properly cleaned.

3. Mold Does Not Always Look The Same

Some people expect to identify mold by the black spores that they can see growing in an area. But mold can often be a variety of colors. No matter what color it appears, you should still get rid of the mold in your home. The easiest way to identify if you have mold in your home is by its musty odor. If you notice your basement, bathroom, attic, or any other place in your home has a rotten, musty smell, you can assume that there is mold growing. You might also assume that water damage may have occurred due to a lack of ventilation.

4. Mold Can Be Prevented In Your Home

There are several reasons mold might form and grow in your home. However, it is possible to take some steps to keep your home safe from mold.

  1. Keep moisture levels in your home low. You can use a dehumidifier to help control the humidity in your home.
  2. Use fans that vent to the outside of your home, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, which are common areas that experience mold growth.
  3. Use mold-killing cleaning products in your bathroom.
  4. Make sure your roof and windows do not leak and allow outside moisture to get in.
  5. If you experience flooding, do not wait to remove the moisture and ensure everything is completely dried.

Mold Damage—Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

If you find mold growing in your home, do not wait to have it removed. Call the professionals at TRAC Solutions to remove the mold and repair any damage that it may have caused to your home.