Emerging Technology In Water Damage Restoration

When you spill your drink on your shirt, you let it air dry. When you step in a puddle, you leave your shoes out in the sun. When the spare bedroom smells stale and damp, you open the window. However, large-scale water damage problems call for professional restoration team; the offer some amazing high-tech solutions. […]

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Fire Damage: The Risks Of Smoke Inhalation

House fires are an all-too-common danger for people throughout the United States. At TRAC Solutions in the Chippewa Falls area, we deal with the aftermath of house fires every single day. If you ever find yourself in a house fire, it is critical that you understand smoke inhalation and its implications for your health. Are […]

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Water Damage Prevention In A Nutshell

Water damage prevention is not a complicated endeavor, but it is important that you understand all that goes into it. If you do find yourself suffering the effects of water damage done to your home, we at TRAC Solutions in the Eau Claire area are only one call away ready to respond after a disaster. […]

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Mold 101 Basics

Mold can exhibit a sort of Goldilocks complex. Given the right conditions, mold can do a lot of damage to a property if not taken care of quickly. Within 24-48 hours, mold can grow and begin to reproduce by releasing spores throughout a property. If mold becomes an issue in a home or business, it […]

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How to Prepare for Flooding

When you are thinking about renting or buying a home in Chippewa Falls, there is so much to think about. What are the schools like, what is the crime rate, what is the potential resale value? However, you probably don’t think about what the probability of a flood occurring. This should be something you consider […]

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Springtime Fire Safety Tips

When we think about house fires, we typically think about fireplaces and portable heaters or turning on the heating system. We think of winter time and all of the sources of heat we use and how they can quickly turn into fire disasters if caution isn’t taken. But when the season’s change and heat is […]

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