Fire Damage Restoration

At TRAC Solutions, we understand how devastating a fire damage can be. That’s why we take a thorough, meticulous approach to damage repair and restoration. When you call on us, you’ll benefit from our industry experience and compassionate approach to customer service.

We Are Fire Damage Experts

The effects of a fire can be devastating, and it can be difficult to know what to do or who to call for help after the fire department leaves. At TRAC Solutions, we offer comprehensive fire damage cleanup, repair, and restoration services for residential and commercial properties. With one call, you can have a local, trusted, and experienced company on your side to help restore your property to its pre-loss condition or better after a fire.

Fast & Efficient Response

At TRAC Solutions the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on our thorough, detail-oriented approach to all we do. Our construction solutions are designed to:

  • Save you money.
  • Make the building process more efficient.
  • Reduce or eliminate delays, problems, and stress.

We provide 24/7 service, and our emergency response team is immediately available to assess the damage and work with you to develop a plan for reconstruction. We work with all insurance companies. You will only be held responsible for your deductible, not a penny more, as long as your insurance covers the affected areas.

Our Cleanup & Repair Services

As part of the fire damage repair process, we can perform services such as:

  • Contents packout and cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Soot removal
  • Floor and furniture cleaning
  • Repair or replace drywall
  • Repair or replace carpet
  • Painting
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Total rebuild of homes and businesses

TRAC Solutions is built on a strong foundation of providing quality customer service each time, every time. We believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations and helping them return home as soon as possible.

TRAC Solutions’ Steps to Fire and Smoke Damage Recovery

1. Inspection & Assessment

When you or your insurance agent/adjuster calls, TRAC Solutions will visually inspect the damage to the structure and its contents. Fire, smoke, and water damages are usually not totally destructive and many items can be restored to their pre-loss condition. Technicians will inspect the damage, prepare a cost estimate, and develop a restoration plan. Technicians can begin work immediately upon plan acceptance.

2. Content

Emergency preservation procedures for items that quickly deteriorate such as electronics and papers are promptly implemented. TRAC  Solutions restoration technicians will then evaluate items to determine if they can be cost-effectively restored.

3. Pack Out of Contents

Contents will be inventoried, documented, and made ready for pack out. Items are transported to our Esporta Wash System facility for cleaning, restoration, and/or storage until structure restoration is complete.

4. Structure

Structure restoration will involve debris removal, deodorization, and dehumidification. Cleaning of walls, ceilings, floors, fixtures, air ducts, and hard/soft surfaces is performed from the top-down to control fallout.

5. Final Inspection

Upon completion of restoration, you and your TRAC Solutions’ representative will perform a final inspection to determine that all concerns have been addressed. Restored contents will be returned to your home or office. You and/or your insurance provider will then receive a work complete statement.

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